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CENTRA Seminars are usually organized on Thursdays at 2:30 pm in the meeting room on pokiesaustralian the 2nd floor of the Physics Department building. Occasionally, the seminar location, time and day may change.

Most seminars are broadcasted and recorded. Visit our CENTRA TV webpage to watch live seminars or the last seminar recorded.

Fall 2013

12 Dec 2013: Makoto Takamoto (Max-Planck Inst., Heidelberg): "Magnetic Reconnection in Poyinting Dominated Plasma and Effects of Turbulence". 

11 Dec 2013: Claus Kiefer (Cologne): "On The Avoidance Of Classical Singularities In Quantum Cosmology". 

5 Dec 2013: Ricardo Schiappa (IST): "Resurgent Transseries: Beyond (Large N) Perturbative Expansions".

28 Nov 2013: Ryuichi Fujita (CENTRA-IST): "Post-Newtonian expansion of gravitational waves from a test particle in circular orbits around a Kerr black hole". Link to the recorded seminar.

21 Nov 2013: Alexander Zhuk (Odessa): "Mechanical Approach in Modern Cosmology". Link to the recorded seminar.

15 Nov 2013: João Penedones (CFP, U. Porto): "Black Holes From Matrix Quantum Mechanics". Link to the recorded seminar (first 50 mins only).

7 Nov 2013: Carlos Martins (CAUP): "The UVES Large Program For Testig Fundamental Physics". 

31 Oct 2013: Eduardo Castro (IST): "Symmetry Breaking In Graphene And Related Systems". Link to the recorded seminar.

24 Oct 2013: Valerio Faraoni (Bishop's U.): "Scalar-tensor Black Holes, Cosmological And Isolated". Link to the recorded seminar.

17 Oct 2013: Davide Masoero (U. Lisbon): "Universality For Partial Differential Equations". Link to the recorded seminar.

10 Oct 2013: Nelson Bernardino (CFTC, U. Lisboa): "Step By Step Building Of An Effective Field Theory".

3 Oct 2013: Viktor Czinner (U.Minho & Wigner Res. Cen. Budapest): "Topology changing Dirac-Nambu-Goto branes on higher dimensional black hole backgrounds". Link to the recorded seminar.

26 Sep 2013: Nami Uchikata (CENTRA-IST): "Charged Regular Black Holes".

12 Sep 2013: Hugo Ferreira (University of Nottingham): "Warped AdS3 black holes: are they classically stable?". Link to the recorded seminar.

4 Sep 2013: Miguel Zilhão (Rochester Inst. of Technology): "Dynamic Fisheye Grids for Accreting Black Hole Binaries Simulations". Link to the recorded seminar.

Spring 2013

25 Jul 2013: Salvatore Capozziello (Universitá di Napoli "Federico II"): "Hydrostatic equilibrium and stellar structure in f(R)-gravity".

28 Jun 2013: Maria José Rodriguez (Harvard U.): "Black Hole Scattering".

20 Jun 2013: Juan Carlos Degollado (U. Aveiro): "Dynamics Of Scalar Fields Around Black Holes". Link to the recorded seminar.

6 Jun 2013: Nelson Nunes (CAAUL, Univ. Lisboa): "3-form Cosmology". Link to the recorded seminar.

23 May 2013: José Blanco-Pillado (Ikerbasque and Tufts University): "Tunneling in models of Flux Vacua". Link to the recorded seminar (first 40 mins only).

16 May 2013: Martin Bucher (Laboratoire APC, Univ. Paris 7): "The Universe After Planck 2013". Link to the recorded seminar (first 35 mins only).

7 May 2013: Robertus Potting (U. Algarve): "Goldstone Gravity From Spontaneous Lorentz Violation". Link to the recorded seminar (first 15 mins only).

2 May 2013: Jason Nordhaus (Rochester Inst. of Technology): "Recent Advances In Core-Collapse Supernova Theory".

18 Apr 2013: Flávio Coelho (U. Aveiro): "n-DBI Gravity". Link to the recorded seminar.

28 Feb 2013: Patrícia Gonçalves (LIP): "Modeling and Measuring Planetary Radiation Environments". Link to the recorded seminar.

14 Feb 2013: Yohsuke Takamori (Osaka City University): "Analysis of the Blandford-Znajek power for a rapidly rotating black hole". Link to the recorded seminar.

17 Jan 2013: Steven Willison (CENTRA-IST): "Gravity from the viewpoint of isometric embeddings".

10 Jan 2013: Carlos Martins (Centro de Astrofísica da U. Porto): "Fundamental cosmology: testing fundamental physics in the early universe".

Fall 2012

14 Dec 2012: Pat Scott (McGill University): "The Sun As A Particle Physics Laboratory". Link to the recorded seminar.

13 Dec 2012: Sérgio Almeida (CENTRA-IST): "Introduction to High Performance Computing".

13 Dec 2012: Marc Casals (U. College Dublin): "Extreme Mass Ratio Inspirals And Black Hole Spectroscopy". Link to the recorded seminar.

4 Dec 2012: Andrew Humphrey (Centro de Astrofísica da U. Porto): "Probing the Origin, Powering and Geometry of Lyman-Alpha Blobs around High-z Radio-Loud Galaxies".

29 Nov 2012: Shahar Hadar (Hebrew U.): "Ringdown amplitudes in extreme mass ratio inspiral". Link to the recorded seminar.

15 Nov 2012: José G. Milhano (CENTRA-IST and CERN): "Jet Quenching". Link to the recorded seminar.

2 Nov 2012: Paolo Pani (CENTRA-IST): "Black-Hole Bombs And Photon-Mass Bounds". Link to the recorded seminar.

25 Oct 2012: João Rosa (U. Aveiro): "Boosted black string bombs". Link to the recorded seminar.

11 Oct 2012: Hirotada Okawa (CENTRA-IST): "Numerical relativity in higher dimensional spacetimes". Link to the recorded seminar.

4 Oct 2012: Daniele Vernieri (SISSA): "Constructing the action of Horava-Lifshitz gravity". Link to the recorded seminar.

2 Oct 2012: Kumar Gupta (Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics): "Symmetries and Spin-statistics relation in Quantum Space-time".

20 Sep 2012: João Lopes Costa (IUL and IST): "The problem of a self-gravitating scalar field with positive cosmological constant". Link to the recorded seminar.

7 Sep 2012: Ana Laura Serra (University of Torino): "Measuring The Dynamical Properties Of Self-gravitating Systems In Their Outer Regions Through The Caustic Technique". Link to the recorded seminar (first 10 mins only).

31 Aug 2012: Masato Minamitsuji (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics): "Curvature Perturbations In Multi-field Inflation With Nonminimal Coupling".

30 Aug 2012: Bin Wang (Shanghai Jiao Tong University): "Signatures On The Interaction Between Dark Energy And Dark Matter". Link to the recorded seminar.

Spring 2012

6 Jul 2012: Marco Cavaglià (LSC and U. Mississippi): "Gravitational Wave Detection With LIGO". Link to the recorded seminar.

25 Jun 2012: Goffredo Chirco (University of Amsterdam): "Gravity From Spacetime Thermodynamics".

17 May 2012: J. M. Vaquero (Universidad De Extremadura, Spain): "Are Early Solar Observations Useful To Space Climate Researchers? Some Recent Progress". Link to the recorded seminar.

8 May 2012: Enrico Barausse (Guelph U. And Maryland U.): "The Evolution Of The Spins Of Massive Black Holes". Link to the recorded seminar.

7 May 2012: Júlio Fabris (Universidade Federal Do Espírito Santo, Brasil): "A Cosmological Concordance Model With A Dynamical Vacuum Term". Link to the recorded seminar (audio only).

3 May 2012: Enrico Barausse (Guelph U. And Maryland U.): "The Gravitational Self-Force Correction To The Binding Energy Of Compact Binary Systems". Link to the recorded seminar.

19 Apr 2012: Dirk Puetzfeld (University Of Bremen): "Motion Of Extended Bodies In General Relativity". Link to the recorded seminar (first 25 mins only).

29 Mar 2012: Steve Willison (CENTRA-IST): "Isometric Embeddings And Asymptotically AdS Gravity".

16 Feb 2012: Claus Kiefer (University of Cologne): "Can effects of Quantum Gravity be observed in the Cosmic Microwave Background?". Link to the recorded seminar (first 20 mins only).

19 Jan 2012: Ednilton Oliveira (Universidade Federal Do Pará): "Boson Absorption By Reissner-Nordström Black Holes". Link to the recorded seminar.

12 Jan 2012: Sam Dolan (Southampton U.): "Self-force calculations for Kerr black hole inspirals". Link to the recorded seminar.

Fall 2011

16 Dec 2011: Terence Delsate feat. Paolo Pani (CENTRA-IST): "Born Infeld Inspired Gravity : Recent Developments And Singularity Problem". Link to the recorded seminar.

15 Dec 2011: Vincenzo Vitagliano (SISSA & CENTRA-IST): "The Dynamics Of Modified Gravities". Link to the recorded seminar.

7 Dec 2011: Sofia Carvalho (IST): "Measuring The Gravitational Lensing In The Cosmic Microwave Background".

30 Nov 2011: Jan Steinhoff (CENTRA-IST): "The PN Approximation Beyond Point-Masses". Link to the recorded seminar.

23 Nov 2011: Dario Passos (CENTRA-IST): "The Next Step For Solar Dynamo Models...". Links to the recorded seminar: part 1, part 2 and part 3.

18 Nov 2011: Thomas Sotiriou (SISSA): "Black Holes In Einstein-aether And Horava-Lifshitz Gravity". Link to the recorded seminar.

10 Nov 2011: Jorge Rocha (CENTRA-IST): "Integrability Of Five Dimensional Gravity Theories And Inverse Scattering Construction Of Dipole Black Rings". Link to the recorded seminar.

03 Nov 2011: Jordi Casanellas (CENTRA-IST): "Using Stars To Investigate Dark Matter". Links to the recorded seminar: part 1part 2 and part 3.

27 Oct 2011: Andrzej Rostworowski (Jagiellonian University, Krakow): "Weakly Turbulent Instability Of Anti-de Sitter Space". Links to the recorded seminar: part 1 and part 2.

13 Oct 2011: Marco Sampaio (Aveiro U.): "Gravitational Radiation From Shock Wave Collisions In Higher Dimensions". Link to the recorded seminar.

22 Sep 2011: Antonino Flachi (CENTRA-IST): "Chiral Phase Transitions Around Black Holes". Link to the recorded seminar.

15 Sep 2011: Mariano Cadoni (Cagliari U. & INFN): "Exact Solutions With AdS Asymptotics Of Einstein-Maxwell Gravity Minimally Coupled To A Scalar". Link to the recorded seminar.

29 Aug 2011: Koushik Dutta (DESY): "The Overshoot Problem In Inflation After Tunneling".

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