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Light deflection at Principe one year after

May. 29, 2020

Today, May 29, 2020, we are celebrating one year of the 100 years of the light deflection celebrations. For those who like to recall see the festive CENTRA news one year ago "From Einstein and Eddington to LIGO: 100 years of gravitational light deflection" in Principe.

For further reading, see the paper José Lemos wrote about the science of the major event "Shadow of the Moon and general relativity: Einstein, Dyson, Eddington and the 1919 light deflection", here and here, and the papers José Lemos, Carlos Herdeiro, and Vitor Cardoso wrote, published in Gazeta de Física and in the Arxivs, one describing the actual celebrations, "Einstein and Eddington and the eclipse in Principe: Celebration and science 100 years after", see here, the other on the inherited wisdom and the science of the future, "Einstein and Eddington and the consequences of general relativity: Black holes and gravitational waves", see here.