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GRIT/CENTRA is awarded two PeX-R&D projects

Jul. 27, 2022

The project "Gravitational waves and the conformal Einstein field equations" (GWCEFE) with Edgar Gasperin as PI and Justin Feng as Co-PI and the project "Fundamental physics with black holes and gravitational waves: a new age of discoveries" (DisBHGW) with Richard Brito as PI and Vitor Cardoso as Co-PI were selected for funding in the 2022 FCT call for R&D Projects in All Scientific Domains in the PeX category (Projetos de investigação de caráter exploratório).

The main goal of the GWCEFE project is to explore the gravitational field close to null and spatial infinity using the conformal Einstein field equations giving rise, generically, to non-smooth conformal boundaries and, ultimately, investigating the consequences this loss of smoothness in terms of gravitational wave physics.

The main goal of the DisBHGW project will be to explore how observations of black holes and gravitational waves, especially those coming from planned future instruments such as LISA and the next generation EHT, will help to detect or constrain the existence of ultralight fields and/or dark matter.