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Gravitão is an outreach webpage for students and people interested in gravity matters in general. To learn more, click the Gravitão image above (in portuguese) or follow this link.


The Birth of an Idea is a collaboration between an artist (Ana Sousa Carvalho) and a scientist (Vitor Cardoso), about the genesis of ideas in science. We’ve collected dozens of stories that document the scientific process as it truly is: perplexing, difficult, painstaking, spontaneous, exciting and fun. If you are a scientist and want to contribute, let us know! To learn more, click The Birth of Idea image above or follow this link this link.


Picasso once said that all children are artists. The same ingredients that make artists can be found in the composition of a good scientist. And so, for the project Ateliê Cósmico, we have been asking middle and high-school students to think about black holes and send us drawings based on their reflections. Our aim is to bring together artistic creation and scientific reflection as a natural way to enlist the immense creativity and put it at the service of science. Along the way, we hope that those young students will find themselves enthralled by one of the most fascinating phenomena in our universe. You can see the works here.