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Kavli RISE Summer School

Oct. 05, 2019

Gravitational Wave Astrophysics is at the dawn of what will become one of the great scientific endeavours of the 21st century. The Nobel Prize winning first detection of gravitational waves by LIGO in 2015 has been a revolutionary step forward in physics and astrophysics by opening a totally new window for the exploration of the Universe.

The Kavli-RISE (Research and Innovation Staff Exchange) Summer School introduced junior scientists (graduate students and advanced undergraduate students with a background in general relativity) to a wide range of topics at the foundation of the new exciting research field of gravitational wave astronomy:

  • Black Holes and Neutron Stars
  • Numerical Relativity
  • Post-Newtonian Theory
  • Testing General Relativity
  • Electromagnetic Counterparts
  • Cosmological Sources of Gravitational Waves
  • Gravitational Wave Data Analysis
  • LISA and Pulsar Timing Arrays
  • Dark Matter Candidates
  • Exotic Compact Objects
  • Perturbation Theory
  • Black Holes and Fundamental Fields

The RISE program coordinates a number of european nodes, namely Cambridge, Lisbon, Paris and Rome. It also includes Mississippi University in the US and Osaka in Japan.

This year's lecturers included Vitor Cardoso, Carlos Herdeiro and David Hilditch from CENTRA (David is in the photo below), and a number of students with presentations (from CENTRA, Lorenzo Annulli, Nuno Santos and Rodrigo Vicente).