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PRACE grant to probe fundamental physics with gravitational waves

Oct. 27, 2017

An international team led by former CENTRA member H. Witek (now at the University of Barcelona) with researchers from 7 institutions all over Europe including CENTRA / IST (M. Zilhão), King's College London (E. Lim, J. Cook, T. Helfer), CERN (D. Blas), University of Goettingen (K. Clough), Queen Mary University London (H. Bantilan, P. Figueras) and the University of Cambridge (W. Cook, M. Kunesch, R. Rosca, U. Sperhake) has been awarded a prestigious 15 million CPU hour high-performance computing time grant by PRACE, the Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe. This computing time will be used to unravel the mysteries of nature using black holes and gravitational wave physics in the highly dynamical regime of gravity, which can only be explored with large-scale computer simulations. The goal of the project involves using black holes as high-energy probes for dark matter (whose properties remain a puzzle), test the underlying physics of cosmic inflation (which will solve riddles about the early stages of our universe), and provide new insights into open questions in high-energy physics through smashing black holes in higher dimensions or AdS spacetimes.