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NR/HEP workshop in Madeira

Jun. 02, 2011

We are organizing an exciting workshop on the interface between numerical relativity and high energy physics. The aim of this workshop is to bring together world experts in two extremely active and successful, but up to now essentially disjoint, research fields: numerical relativity and high energy physics. More specifically, within high energy physics we shall focus on the gauge gravity duality and trans-Planckian scattering. The main motivation for this interdisciplinary effort is that it has become clear that numerical relativity techniques, applied to black hole systems, could answer central questions concerning dynamical processes in these high energy physics topics. Such techniques, which only very recently have reached a state of sufficient maturity, seem moreover mandatory for an accurate phenomenological modelling within these high energy physics scenarios. These facts, together with the ongoing scientific runs at the LHC, make this workshop very timely. See the website here