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Gravitational-wave astronomy was born with the detection of gravitational waves from stellar mass black holes. Precision tests of General Relativity, access to supermassive black holes or to cosmological scales will be possible in the near future with the space-based detector LISA. This meeting aims at discussing the science capabilities of the mission, and to prepare for the first LISA detections.

Participants: John Baker, Emanuele Berti, Diego Blas, Pedro R. Capelo, Vítor Cardoso, Lavinia Heisenberg, Maximiliano Isi, Michela Mapelli, Marco Peloso, Alberto Sesana, Marta Volonteri, Kent Yagi, Aaron Zimmerman

Scientific Committee: Emanuele Berti, Vítor Cardoso, Alberto Sesana

Local Organizing Committee: Sérgio Almeida, Filipe Azevedo, Vítor Cardoso, Rita Sousa, João Vasconcelos


LISA in Lisbon - A3 Poster (368.6 KB)