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August 16 morning, opening by organizers:

09:30-09:45 Present LISA structure and different WPs, WP7 and sub-packages


09:45-10:00 Antoine Petiteau (Consortium, remote)

10:00-10:15 Discuss interaction with WGs, John Baker on WP6 (multi-messenger)


10:15-10:30 Jon Gair, Elena Rossi (LSG, remote)

10:30-11:00 Discuss role of each sub-WP leader

11:00-12:00 Discussion

12:00-13:50 Lunch

August 16, afternoon: presentation by leaders

5 min intro of the package leaders (who, research interests, expected role in WP)
10 min on main topics, and list of people (among subscribers) who will lead work on each topic
5 min on description of deliverables
5 min discussion


13:50-14:00 Deirdre Shoemaker (WavWG, remote)


14:00-14:25 WP7.3 Extreme and intermediate mass ratio inspirals (Christopher Berry, Pau Amaro-Seoane, Alvin Chua) by Pau Amaro-Seoane (remote)

14:25-14:50 WP7.1 Formation, evolution and electromagnetic counterparts of massive black hole merger (Tamara Bogdanovic, Rosa Valiante, Pedro Capelo), by Pedro Capelo

14:50-15:15 WP7.2 Demographics, formation, evolution and electromagnetic counterparts of stellar-mass compact objects (Michela Mapelli, Katie Breivik, Silvia Toonen) by Michela Mapelli

15:15-15:40 WP7.4 Estimation of cosmological parameters and standard sirens (Nicola Tamanini, Hsin-Yu Chen) by Nicola Tamanini (remote)

15:40-16:00 Coffee break

16:00-16:25 WP7.5 Characterization of backgrounds (Valerie Domcke, Marco Peloso) by Marco Peloso

16:25-16:50 WP7.6 Dark matter (Diego Blas, Maximiliano Isi) by Diego Blas and Maximiliano Isi

16:50-17:15 WP7.7 Foundations of the gravitational interaction
(Kent Yagi, Enrico Barausse, Lavinia Heisenberg) by Kent Yagi and Lavinia Heisenberg

17:15-17:40 WP7.8 Test of the black hole paradigm (Aaron Zimmerman, Paolo Pani) by Aaron Zimmerman

19:30 Dinner

August 17, morning

Discuss deliverables


August 17 afternoon

Discuss periodic meetings and format for data exchange

Discuss first WPs, Living Review?