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Tutorial sessions:


Introduction to numerical methods for general relativistic magnetohydrodynamics (32.8 MB)

Postprocessing Cactus data in Python (1.7 MB)

Cactus/Carpet advanced usage (492.6 KB)

Introduction to Cactus

Presync Tutorial

Introduction to Scientific Visualization Tools (9.3 MB)

Introduction to Scientific Visualization Tools



Black hole dynamics in extensions of GR (Helvi Witek) (1.2 MB)

An 1+1 dimensional self-force code for the Einstein Toolkit? (Peter Diener) (533.7 KB)

Disk formation from the collapse of a rotating neutron star (Giovanni Camelio) (974.4 KB)

Cosmology and Particles working group (Helvi Witek) (8.0 MB)

Cactus/Carpet advanced usage

Evolution of a Magnetized Thick disk around a highly rotating black hole (Alejandro Cruz Osorio) (4.8 MB)

NRPy+: A new Python-based code-generation package for numerical relativity... and beyond! (Zach Etienne)

Simple method to reduce the eccentricity of Binary Black Hole simulations with the EinsteinToolkit (Antoni Ramos Buades) (3.5 MB)

Dynamics of axion and electromagnetic fields around Kerr black holes (Taishi Ikeda) (1.8 MB)

Assessing confidence in numerical relativity waveforms of binary neutron star mergers (Roland Haas) (1.2 MB)

Revisiting convergence tests of binary black hole simulations for waveform modelling (Sascha Husa) (7.9 MB)

Cosmological gravity after GW170817 (Johannes Noller) (1.5 MB)