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Confirmed speakers:
Akihiro Ishibashi (Kinki University) - Perturbation and stability of higher dimensional black holes
Alexei Zayats (Kazan Federal University, Russia) - Non-minimal Einstein-Maxwell theory: Petrov classification of a
                                                                              trace-free susceptibility tensor and Fresnel equation
Carlos Herdeiro (University of Aveiro) - Shadows of Kerr black holes with scalar hair
Elizabeth Winstanley (University of Sheffield) - Charged scalar solitons and black holes in a cavity
Filipe Mena (University of Minho) - Conformal regularity and non-linear stability of spatially homogeneous cosmologies
                                                    with a positive cosmological constant
Francisco Lobo (IA/FC, University of Lisbon) - Beyond Einstein's General Relativity: 100 years-on
Ilídio Lopes (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon) - Looking into the dark universe with stars
Ippocratis Saltas (IA, University of Lisbon) - Bridging cosmology and astrophysics with gravitational waves
Ismael Tereno (IA/FC, University of Lisbon) - 100 years of Gravitational Lensing: from Einstein to Euclid
Jorge Rocha (University of Barcelona) - Progress on gravitational collapse with rotation
José Natário (IST, University of Lisbon) - Strong cosmic censorship in spherical symmetry
José Pedro Mimoso (IA/FC, University of Lisbon) - The cosmological divide: local collapse versus global expansion
José Sande Lemos (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon) - 100 years of general relativity in Portugal
José Velhinho (CENTRA, University of Beira) - What is loop quantum cosmology

Kengo Maeda (Shibaura Institute of Technology) - Rotating AdS black holes and condensed matter physics
Kostas Kokkotas (University of Tübingen) - Gravitational Waves from Rotational Instabilities of Compact Stars
Luis Crispino (UFPA, Belém do Pará) - Extremal charged black holes: Equal absorbers and scatterers of electromagnetic
                                                                 and gravitational radiation
Masato Minamitsuji (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon) - The Initial State of a Primordial Anisotropic Stage of Inflation 
Nelson Nunes (IA/FC, University of Lisbon) - Cosmology of the de Sitter Horndeski models
Oleg Zaslavskii (Universtity of Kharkov) - Ultra-high energy particle collisions in the vicinity of black holes
Paolo Pani (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon and University of Rome) - Testing General Relativity with Present
                                                                  and Future Astrophysical Observations
Paulo Crawford (IA/FC, University of Lisbon) - The hole argument and the genesis of General Relativity
Remo Garattini (university of Bergamo) - The Cosmological Constant in Distorted Gravity

Samuel Oliveira (Unicamp - Universidade Estadual de Campinas, São Paulo) - Simulations of substructures in

                                                              relativistic jets in accretion disk and black hole settings

Santiago Bergliaffa (UERJ, Rio de Janeiro) - A general formula for the redshift drift at low z
Vilson Zanchin (University of ABC, São Paulo) - Black holes in expanding universes
Vincenzo Vitagliano (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon) - Metric affine theories of gravity
Vitor Cardoso (CENTRA/IST, University of Lisbon) - Accretion of dark matter by stars

Confirmed posters:
Ana Brito - Asteroseismology of Kepler stars
Hui-Yiing Cheng - A modified exponential potential for quintessence
Alin-Nicolae Chilom - Scalar pair production in a dipolar electric field on de Sitter universe
Anton Khirnov - Gauge choice in numerical evolution of the Brill data
Eliška Klozová - Quasilocal horizons in inhomogeneous cosmological models
Lukáš Ledvina - Quasar microlensing effect on X-ray line profiles
Christophe Le Poncin-Lafitte - Testing Lorentz symmetry with planetary and natural satellites' motions
José Lopes - The Sun as a detector for dark matter
André Martins - Asking stars about dark matter
Filipe Monteiro - General relativity in the limit d going to infinity: The Shapiro delay effect
Leonel Queimada - Cosmic censorship and parametrized spinning black-hole geometries
Gonçalo Quinta - Vacuum polarization around Lifshitz black holes
Alan Maciel da Silva - Apparent horizons versus universal horizons