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Four CENTRA members in Stanford's list of top scientists

Nov. 10, 2021

CENTRA members Vitor Cardoso and José Sande Lemos appear in the top 10, and are the two top physicists, of a list of 93 IST professors and investigators whose career-long life work has had major impact in the scientific comunity.

This list is taken from a major recent study by Stanford University where a career-long impact evaluation is done to select the top 2% most influential scientists in the world. The study takes into account the overall value of each individual opus with emphasis in the number of citations as a metrics for its scientific impact.

There is an additional list of professors and investigators of IST based on the scientist's impact work of 2020. This single-year impact list includes the same names of the career-long impact list, plus 30 IST professors and investigators. In this 2020 single-year impact list, two other CENTRA members stand out, namely, Masato Minamitsuji and Grigorios Panotopoulos.

The appearance of CENTRA members in these lists of the most prominent researchers in the world displays the high quality of the scientific production and the prestige of CENTRA researchers in astrophysics and gravitation.

The IST news and the two lists can be found in https://tecnico.ulisboa.pt/en/news/more-than-100-tecnico-researchers-among-the-worlds-top-2-scientists-list/