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The 12th Black Holes Workshop 2019 in GuimarĂ£es

Dec. 26, 2019

The XII Black Holes Workshop was realized from December 19 to 20, 2019, in Guimarães, in the Mathematics Pavilion of University of Minho. It rained during the two days, but the city is always beautiful no matter if it is sunny or rainy. The conference dinner was in a private room of the Reataurante Histórico Papaboa, the atmosphere and the food were excellent.

In this 2019 edition, it was celebrated the 100 years of the light deflection observations in Principe and Sobral by Eddington and collaborators in 1919, the 80 years of black holes, discovered by Oppenheimer and Snyder in 1939 in their model of total gravitational collapse, considered one of the most important papers in general relativity, and the 50 years of the Penrose process that appeared in 1969 and ignited all the future work in black hole physics.

The talks were on state of the art topics and there were several conversations and discussions during the breakfasts, coffee breaks, lunches, and dinner. The participants were happy and delighted, see photo. Many CENTRA members participated in the workshop.