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X Black Holes Workshop at Aveiro University

Dec. 22, 2017

The X Black Holes Workshop was held in Aveiro in 18 and 19 December. It gathered more than ninety researchers and students to discuss state of art problems in the field, see the group photo here.

This year's edition of the workshop commemorated the 100 Years of the Cosmological Constant.

The workshop also included the Annual General Assembly of the Portuguese Society for Relativity and Gravitation.

There was a special session dedicated to the 60th anniversary of Professor José P. S. Lemos, celebrating his contributions to black hole physics and to the development of the area of astrophysics and gravitation in Portugal. In this session, there were speeches by Ilídio Lopes, Vítor Cardoso, José Sande Lemos, Carlos Herdeiro, and Jorge Rocha, see photo.