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European Action for CENTRA

Nov. 28, 2011

This action will promote research in gravitational physics, in particular numerical relativity with applications to high energy physics scenarios. More about this research programme can be learned in the "Numerical Relativity and High Energy Physics" workshop webpage, organised in Madeira, in the summer of 2011. Research institutions in five countries are involved in this partnership which is coordinated by Emanuele Berti (Mississippi/USA node), Vitor Cardoso (Lisbon/Portugal node), Luis Carlos Crispino (Pará/Brazil node), Leonardo Gualtieri (Rome/Italy node), Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro/Portugal node; action coordinator) and Ulrich Sperhake (Barcelona/Spain node). About thirty researchers will be exchanged between the six nodes within the action, for a network lifetime of four years starting in 2012. The action also includes the organisation of events in each node.