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Pre-applications to the Individual Call to Scientific Stimulus FCT

Jan. 29, 2020

The Scientific and Space Instrumentation and Modelling Group (SIM) of the Centre for Astrophysics and Gravitation (CENTRA) at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Oporto (FEUP) and Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon (FCUL) welcomes pre-applications to the FCT – Individual Call to Scientific Stimulus 2019

The Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) has issued a call for research contracts, in the context of the Stimulus to Scientific Employment, which will be open from the 30th January until the 26th February 2020, 17:00 (Portuguese time). The positions are for up to 6 years. The gross monthly income corresponds to the salary of a Junior Researcher (level 33 - 2.128,34€), Assistant Researcher (3.191,82€), Principal Researcher (3.601,03€) or Coordinating Researcher (4.664,97€), depending on the profile of the candidate. The selection is made by the FCT. Each candidate will have to select, and have the support from, a host institution in Portugal.

The SIM/CENTRA at FEUP and FCUL welcomes pre-applications for the FCT – Individual Call to Scientific Stimulus 2019 until the 9th February 2020. SIM/CENTRA cannot guarantee the required scientific and administrative support for any pre-applications received after that date.

CENTRA is the reference institution for astrophysics and gravitation in Portugal, integrating researchers from FEUP, FCUL, Instituto Superior Técnico and Universidade do Algarve.

The SIM team operates in the highly international environment of large-scale, sophisticated infrastructures. Our activities include instrument building, data analysis and processing and scientific exploitation. We have expertise in optics and mechanics for optical/near-infrared cryogenic instrumentation development, adaptive optics, image and data processing, stellar and galactic astrophysics, metrology lasers for space and terahertz devices. We also host the Portuguese VLTI Expertise Centre. Highlights of the work conducted by our team include the CLOUD experiment at CERN, the GRAVITY instrument for European Southern Observatory (ESO), the GAIA satellite for European Space Agency (ESA) and the METIS instrument for the ELT.

It is considered of strategic importance that SIM/CENTRA is optimally positioned to contribute to the development and exploitation of large projects within ESO and ESA, in addition to other international initiatives. Besides participation in the on-going collaborations, we encourage the development of new initiatives that are important for career consolidation.

The pre-applications should include:

  • cover letter
    • with a brief description of the candidate's motivation
    • an indication of the category for which the candidate is applying
    • the geographical location (either Porto or Lisbon) where the research work will be carried out
    • the name of at least one scientific collaborator in SIM/CENTRA (if collaborations already exist)
  • curriculum vitae (up to 5 pages)
  • complete list of publications
  • a brief (2 pages max) summary of the research project
  • name and contact of up to two referees available to provide information about the candidate (to be contacted if necessary).

Each proposal will be reviewed by a selection committee composed of André Moitinho, António Amorim and Paulo Garcia. Results will be communicated to the candidates on the 12th of February. Following a positive outcome of the pre-selection, the candidate may proceed with the submission of their application to the FCT, with the support of SIM/CENTRA.

All applications must follow the FCT regulations.

Applications should be sent to aamorim@sim.ul.pt and pgarcia@fe.up.pt

Publication Date 29th January 2020