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Richard Brito elected co-chair of LISA Working Group

Jan. 25, 2023

Richard Brito was elected as the early career co-chair of the LISA Fundamental Physics Working Group.

The space-born gravitational-wave detector LISA is a joint ESA-NASA mission that is currently planned to be deployed in the 2030’s. This mission will, for example, allow for the first observation of the merger of supermassive black holes and of extreme mass-ratio inspirals, that will enable new tests of general relativity and of fundamental physics in the strong-field regime with an unprecedented precision.

The Fundamental Physics Working Group is composed by hundreds of scientists who voted for the candidate with top leadership profile and outstanding scientific contributions. The goal of the Fundamental Physics working group is to coordinate the activities of the community working towards answering fundamental physics questions with LISA gravitational-wave data. This includes work related to testing gravity and the nature of compact objects but also work aiming at testing the fundamental nature of dark matter and dark energy with gravitational waves.