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Matteo Piani joined us!

Apr. 01, 2021

Matteo obtained his bachelor’s degree at the University of Bologna. Under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Casadio, he studied the modes of energy dissipation of a perturbed black hole, the so-called Quasi-Normal Modes. Afterwards he continued his studies in Bologna,  obtaining a master’s degree in theoretical physics. During the master he focused his attention on the interplay between high-energy physics and cosmology. 

Under the supervision of Prof. Michele Cicoli, he studied the phenomenological consequences of the reheating stage in a string-theory motivated model of inflation involving the gravitational decay of moduli fields. His research was focused on the overproduction of axion-like particles during reheating, and how this can lead to an excess of dark radiation.

At CENTRA, Matteo will work on the relation between the Higgs field and gravity under the supervision of Dr. Javier Rubio. In particular he will study the implications of a non-minimal coupling between the Higgs field and scalar curvature in the context of Einstein-Cartan gravity, with a focus on the consequences for inflation and the possibility to connect low-to-high energy observables.