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How the solar cycle wakes up from a long sleep...

Feb. 20, 2014

Dário Passos and ILídio Lopes from CENTRA in collaboration with Dibyendu Nandy and Soumitra Hazra from the Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research (IISER) and the Center of Excellence in Space Sciences (CESSI), India have shown recently how can the Sun emerge self consistently from quiescent, low activity phases called grand minima. During these periods the magnetic activity of the Sun is very low and this has implications for Space Weather. In a paper recently published in Astronomy and Astrophysics, our research team has now showed that fluctuations in the interior of the solar convection zone can trigger these episodes and proposed a physical mechanism to explain the entrance and exit of such periods. If you want to know more, check our publication:

"A solar dynamo model driven by mean-field alpha and Babcock-Leighton sources: fluctuations, grand-minima-maxima and hemispheric asymmetry in sunspot cycles".