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Real-time dynamics of plasma balls

May. 28 - 14:30 - 2020

Speaker: Hans Bantilan (Queen Mary, U. of London)

Title: Real-time dynamics of plasma balls

In this talk, I will describe the first simulations of finite-sized black holes that are dual to droplets of deconfined plasma surrounded by a confining vacuum known as plasma balls. These solutions are obtained by solving the Einstein field equations with a negative cosmological constant in four spatial dimensions, where one of the spatial coordinates is compactified to form a circle whose size shrinks to zero size at the IR bottom of the geometry. The dual gauge theory is four-dimensional, N=4 super Yang-Mills compactified on a circle with supersymmetry-breaking boundary conditions. I will show simulations where prompt scalar field collapse produces an excited black hole at the IR bottom together with gravitational and scalar radiation, in a process that corresponds to particle production in the dual gauge theory.

Room: Zoom videoconference (contact justin.feng@tecnico.ulisboa.pt for URL)

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