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Scale symmetry in particle physics and cosmology

Mar. 03 - 14:30 - 2020

Speaker: Javier Rubio (Helsinki U.)

Title: Scale symmetry in particle physics and cosmology

Abstract: The absence of new physics at particle physics colliders has rejuvenated scale symmetry as an interesting tool for addressing the extreme sensitivity of the electroweak scale to Planckian effects, the non-perturbative renormalization of the Standard Model and gravity and the early and late time acceleration of the Universe. In this talk, I will review the phenomenological consequences of theories displaying i) exact but spontaneously broken scale-symmetry and ii) emergent scale symmetry in the vicinity of non­trivial fixed points, discussing their testability by future experiments and observations in particle physics and cosmology.

Room: Sala de Reuniões e Seminários (2nd Floor of physics building)

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