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Nov. 11/12:30 - Nov. 13/16:00 2019

The Gravitational Wave Probes of Fundamental Physics (GW4FP) workshop will take place from 11-13 November at the Volkshotel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As the first workshop by the European Consortium for Astroparticle Theory (EuCAPT), GW4FP aims to bring together the Gravitational Wave and Fundamental Physics communities to discuss topics in dark matter, exotic objects, tests of GR and early Universe physics, as well as tests of Standard Model physics in unexplored regimes.

The workshop will involve invited plenary talks covering these broad areas as well as shorter submitted talks for researchers to present their work. Since a key goal of the workshop is to foster collaboration, there will also be discussions, lightning talks and a "four corners" discussion session.

Confirmed speakers: Tessa Baker, Andrea Bertoldi, Vitor Cardoso, Siyuan Chen, Djuna Croon, Thomas Edwards, Stephen Feeney, Alexander Jenkins, Peter Johansson, Bradley Kavanagh, Eugene Lim, Masha Okounkova, Paolo Pani, Pedro Schwaller, Ulrich Sperhake, Yevgeny Stadnik, Bert Vercnocke, Marta Volonteri, Anna Watts, Helvi Witek

Organizing committee: Daniel Baumann, Gianfranco Bertone, Vitor Cardoso, Sarah Caudill, Adam Coogan, Thomas Edwards, Tanja Hinderer, Bradley Kavanagh, Philipp Moesta, Suvodip Mukherjee, Samaya Nissanke, Christoph Weniger

Scientific Advisory Board (EuCAPT Steering Committee): Gianfranco Bertone, Philippe Brax, Vitor Cardoso, Gian Giudice, David Langlois, David Marsh, Silvia Pascoli, Antonio Riotto, Subir Sarkar, Andrew Taylor, Piero Ullio, Licia Verde

More info here.

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