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Equilibrium configurations of charged fluids in strong gravity

Aug. 29 - 14:30 - 2019

Speaker: Eva Hackmann (Bremen U., ZARM)

Title: Equilibrium configurations of charged fluids in strong gravity


The strong gravity regime close to black holes and neutron stars provides an excellent laboratory to explore our understanding of General Relativity and its possible limitations. Accretion disks probe deep into this strong gravity regime, reaching up to horizon scales. For supercritical accretion rates the disk is believed to be geometrically thick close to the black hole. A simple analytical model of such geometrically thick configurations are fluid tori in hydrostatic equilibrium, also called polish doughnuts. Here we discuss a generalisation of this classical model to charged fluids interacting with electromagnetic test fields, which may be external, like the galactic magnetic field, or internally connected to the central compact object. After introducing a general construction method we will discuss specific examples, that give rise to new features of the fluid configurations and highlight the influence of charge.


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