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Tidal deformability of a superfluid neutron star

Oct. 10 - 14:30 - 2019

Speaker: Prasanta Char (INFN, Italy)

Title: Tidal deformability of a superfluid neutron star

Abstract: In this work, we study the effect of superfluidity on the tidal response of a nonrotating neutron star.  This is done in a macroscopic two-fluid framework with entrainment effect where we take the neutron superfluid as one fluid and the other fluid is comprised of protons and electrons, making it a charge neutral fluid. We use a relativistic mean field model for the equation of state of the neutron star matter. Finally, we investigate the possibility of probing such exotic phase of matter through the Love numbers. Reference: P. Char and S. Datta, Phys. Rev. D 98, 084010 (2018).

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