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Black hole initial data within the parabolic-hyperbolic formulation

Oct. 24 - 14:30 - 2019

Speaker: Anna Nakonieczna (University of Warsaw)

Title: Black hole initial data within the parabolic-hyperbolic formulation

Abstract: The parabolic-hyperbolic formulation of the initial data of the Einstein equations for multiple black holes systems has been proposed recently [1-3]. It provides an alternative to the traditional conformal method [4]. During the talk, a numerical implementation of the above-mentioned evolutionary approach to the initial data problem of general relativity will be presented. It will involve a set of single black holes and a binary system composed of superposed Kerr-Schild black holes. The talk will be based on the paper [5]. [1] I. Racz, Constraints as evolutionary systems, Class. Quant. Grav. 33, 015014 (2016). [2] I. Racz, A simple method of constructing binary black hole initial data, Astronomy Reports 62, 953 (2018). [3] I. Racz, On the ADM charges of multiple black holes, arXiv:1608.02283 (2017). [4] G. B. Cook, Initial data for numerical relativity, Living Rev. Rel. 3, 5 (2000). [5] A. Nakonieczna, L. Nakonieczny, I. Racz, Black hole initial data by numerical integration of the parabolic-hyperbolic form of the constraints, arXiv:1712.00607 (2017).

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