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Echoes from quantum black holes

Jun. 11 - 14:30 - 2019

Speaker: Qingwen Wang (Perimeter)

Title Echoes from quantum black holes

Abstract: One of the most triumphant predictions of the theory if general relativity was the recent LIGO- Virgo detection of gravitational wave (GW) signals produced in binary black hole (BH) mergers. However, it is suggested that exotic compact objects, proposed in quantum gravity models of BHs, may produce similar classical GW waveforms, followed by delayed repeating “echoes”. We study the reflectivity of quantum black hole (BH) horizons using detailed balance and fluctuation-dissipation theorem, finding a universal flux reflectivity given by the Boltzmann factor R = e-|ω|/T). The viscosity in the membrane paradigm is modified to be frequency dependent.  We predict echoes in the ringdown of Kerr BHs, but they do not exhibit ergoregion instability. We derive corresponding quasi-normal modes (QNMs) for quantum BHs analytically, and show how their initial conditions can be related to the QNMs of classical BHs.  We then compare the analytic and numerical predictions for echoes in real time, verifying their consistency. In particular, we find that the amplitudes of the first ∼ 20 echoes decay inversely with time, while the subsequent echoes decay exponentially. Finally, we present predictions for the signal-to-noise ratio of echoes for spinning BHs, which should be imminently detectable for massive remnants, subject to the uncertainty in the nonlinear initial conditions of the BH merger.

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