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Generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity

Nov. 21 - 14:30 - 2019

Speaker: Joao Luis Rosa (CENTRA)

Title: Generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity

Abstract: In this work, we study cosmological and astrophysical applications of the recently proposed generalized hybrid metric-Palatini gravity theory, which is a generalization of the f(R) theories of gravity that combines features of both the metric and the Palatini approaches to the variational method. In the cosmological point of view, we show that the usual power-law and exponential scale factor behaviors in FLRW universes exist for various different distributions of matter and that no global attractors can exist in the cosmological phase space. In what comes to astrophysics, we show that it is possible to obtain traversable wormhole solutions which satisfy the null energy condition for the whole spacetime and also that there exist specific forms of the action for which the massive scalar degree of freedom of the theory is stable in the scope of rotating black-holes described by the Kerr metric.

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