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Astronomical computer assisted discoveries, or a new type of CAD

Dec. 03 - 15:30 - 2018

Astro-technology seminar

Time: Monday, December 3, 2018, at 15:30

Location: FCUL, building C1, room 1.4.14


Astronomical computer assisted discoveries, or a new type of CAD

Speaker: Dr. Alberto Krone-Martins (CENTRA/FCUL)


During this talk I would like to openly discuss the concept of “fourth paradigm of Science” and its impact in Astronomy. This is a thought pattern that evolves the relation between Science and Informatics from the simple notion of “using a tool” towards a deep degree of inter-dependency. To do so, I will briefly present some examples of my research that are entrenched in this concept, as galaxy morphology inference from the ESA/Gaia satellite data, the supervised detection of new strong gravitational lenses, the semi-supervised detection of new stellar clusters and the fully unsupervised construction of galaxy catalogues. Finally, I would like to profit from the talk to discuss the following question: how much of the forefront Science today depends on computer-assisted and collaborative thinking?


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