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Type II supernovae in low-luminosity host galaxies

Sep. 20 - 14:30 - 2018

Speaker: Claudia Gutierrez (The University of Southampton)

Title: Type II supernovae in low-luminosity host galaxies

Abstract: Type II Supernovae (SNe) II are produced by the final explosions of massive stars (>8 M ), which retain a significant part of their hydrogen envelopes before explosion. These SNe show a large diversity in their transient behaviour, which is likely determined by differences, not just in explosion properties, but also in progenitor star characteristics. I will present an analysis of a new sample of SNe II occurring within low-luminosity galaxies, comparing these with a sample of events in brighter hosts. This analysis is performed comparing SN II spectral and photometric parameters and estimating the influence of metallicity (inferred from host luminosity differences) on SN II transient properties. I will also present some examples of peculiar SNe II exploding in low luminosity galaxies and the implications of their behaviour in the determination of the explosion and progenitor parameters.

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