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Numerical Relativity beyond General Relativity

Jun. 03/06:00 - Jun. 09/00:00 2018

With the first detections of gravitational waves we have entered an exciting new era in gravitational physics that enables us to learn about the fundamental properties of gravity with a completely new sense. In particular, it opens up the unique opportunity to probe gravity in its most challenging, strong-field and dynamical regime.

Because the data stream of gravitational wave detectors such as advanced LIGO and Virgo is dominated by noise, it is crucial to predict theoretically the gravitational wave signal emitted during the late inspiral and merger of compact binaries in models of gravity beyond General Relativity (GR). Currently, most theoretical predictions are limited to the weak-field regime. How the gravitational waveform would look in the highly dynamical near-merger regime, however, is largely unknown. The latter requires full numerical relativity simulations in beyond-GR theories -- a field that is still in its infancy.

It is our goal to kickstart this new emerging field in gravitational physics by a workshop on Numerical Relativity beyond General Relativity. Therefore, we wish to bring together experts in Numerical Relativity, fundamental tests of gravity and gravitational wave data analysis, and facilitate fruitful future collaborations.

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