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Black holes in vector-tensor theories

Mar. 08 - 14:30 - 2018

Title: Black holes in vector-tensor theories

Speaker: Shinji Tsujikawa (Tokyo University of Science)

Abstract: We present a family of exact black-hole solutions on a static spherically symmetric background in second-order generalized Proca theories with derivative vector-field interactions coupled to gravity. We also derive non-exact solutions in power-law coupling models including vector Galileons and numerically show the existence of regular black holes with a primary hair associated with the longitudinal propagation. The intrinsic vector-field derivative interactions generally give rise to a secondary hair induced by non-trivial field profiles. The deviation from General Relativity is most significant around the horizon and hence there is a golden opportunity for probing the Proca hair by the measurements of gravitational waves (GWs) in the regime of strong gravity. 

We also discuss the stability of hairy black-holes against odd-parity perturbations and show that some of the solutions 
are excluded due to the problem of either ghost or Laplacian instabilities.

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