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The infrared instrument of the Extremely Large Telescope

Feb. 08 - 14:30 - 2018

Title: The infrared instrument of the Extremely Large Telescope

Speaker: Paulo J.V. Garcia, FEUP & CENTRA

Abstract: In this talk we will start by presenting the current status of the Extremely Large Telescope, Europe's next-generation 39m ground-based telescope for optical and infrared wavelengths.  We will then focus on the METIS instrument. METIS (Mid-Infrared E-ELT Imager and Spectrograph) is the proposed mid-infrared imager and spectrograph for the ELT. It covers the L, M and N bands,  with imaging, coronagraphy and medium-resolution spectroscopy over the full wavelength range (3-19 microns), and high-resolution integral field spectroscopy in L and M bands (3-5 microns). METIS is unique as the sole ELT first light instrument with a Portuguese participation, led by CENTRA. A significant portion will be dedicated to the science made possible by METIS and especially that of relevance to CENTRA current and future activities. We will end with some brainstorming on new exciting science cases for METIS where CENTRA can make a difference.

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