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Stellar clusters: laboratories for understanding how stars form and evolve

Dec. 15 - 14:00 - 2017

Astro-technology Seminar

CENTRA/SIM has recently a new cycle of talks dedicated to astronomy and development of technologies for astronomy. The seminars take place at FCUL, building C8. The next seminar in the series will take place on December 15, at 14:00h, room 8.2.11 (FCUL C8).

Speaker: Koraljka Muzic (CENTRA/FCUL)


Astronomy is a science of observation, and unlike biologists or chemists, astronomers cannot manipulate the objects they study. And since knowing a distance and the age of individual stars is a very difficult task, astronomers turn to stellar clusters, collections of stars born at the same time from the same cosmic material. Star clusters are the closest thing astronomers have to a controlled laboratory environment, and are the main targets to understand how stars form and evolve. In this talk I will present different types of star clusters, their location in the Milky Way, describe their life and birth, and the many things we can learn from them.

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