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Industry 4.0 and making new science observations accessible

Nov. 10 - 14:00 - 2017

Astro-technology Seminar

CENTRA/SIM is starting a new cycle of talks dedicated to astronomy and development of technologies for astronomy. The seminars will take place at FCUL, building C8. The first seminar in the series will take place on November 10, at 14:00h, room 8.2.11 (FCUL C8).

Speaker: António Amorim (CENTRA/FCUL)


Scientific progress became from the idea that the truth will be discovered in a future with endless possibilities and does not lie in the words of reference thinkers of the past. Each generation needs to renew this concept trough new opportunities. By making electronics, optics and data processing a commodity, the conservative world of long time experts is under challenge. We will concentrate on several exciting examples.

An importable CVS/ICS calendar with all of CENTRA's events is available here