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Maybe black holes aren't so monstrous as we thought

Nov. 24 - 14:30 - 2016

SPEAKER: Diego Rubiera-Garcia (Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences)

ABSTRACT: Despite the tremendous experimental success of General Relativity, space-time singularities lurk in the shadows as a long-standing and unsolved theoretical problem. Indeed, their unavoidable presence, as follows from the singularity theorems, has motivated the introduction of many extensions of GR with the goal of overcoming them. In this talk I will present one of such approaches, which is based on an analogy borrowed from condensed matter physics systems with defects on their microstructure. At the geometric level this transforms on the removal of any a priori relation between metric and affine degrees of freedom (Palatini approach). I will discuss modifications to the structure and dynamics of black holes within such a formulation and using several gravitational actions.


PLACE: Physics Department, Seminar Room

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