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3D Simulation of Spindle Gravitational Collapse of a Collisionless Particle System

Nov. 10 - 14:30 - 2016

SPEAKER: Chul-Moon Yoo


We analyze spindle gravitational collapse of a collisionless particle system and compare the qualitative results with the old work done by Shapiro and Teukolsky(ST). The simulation starts from a prolate shape particle distribution and spindle collapse is observed. The peak value and the position of curvature invariants are monitored. We find that the maximum value of the Kretschmann invariant during the numerical evolution increases with finer resolution as is also reported in ST. We also find a similar tendency for the Weyl curvature invariant. Therefore, our results also lend support to formation of a naked singularity as a result of spindle collapse of a collisionless particle system in the limit of infinite resolution. However, differently from ST, our code is not terminated and the peak value of the curvature invariants start to gradually decrease with time after a certain period of time. Another difference from ST is that, in our case, the peak position of the Kretschmann curvature invariant is always inside the matter distribution.

PLACE: Physics Department, Seminar Room

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