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Matching higher order gravity with higher dimensions: a top-down geometrization of matter

Apr. 21 - 14:30 - 2016

SPEAKER: Antonio Troisi (University of Salerno)

ABSTRACT: Determining the cosmological field equations represents still a very debated matter and implies a wide discussion around different theoretical proposals. A suitable conceptual scheme could be represented by gravity models that naturally generalize Einstein theory like higher order gravity theories and higher dimensional ones. I will review these extended gravity models, with particular attention to fourth order gravity models and  the Kaluza-Klein theory from the point of view of Induced Matter Theory, focusing on the possibility to establish some relations among these two frameworks. Since both of these two different approaches allow to define source-like energy momentum tensors of geometrical origin within Einstein field equations, I will discuss the possibility to develop a 5-Dim fourth order gravity model which lower dimensional reduction could provide an interpretation of cosmological 4-dim matter-energy components.

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