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On the flavor composition of the IceCube neutrinos

Dec. 03 - 14:30 - 2015

SPEAKER: Sergio Palomares-Ruiz (IFIC, CSIC-U. Valencia)

ABSTRACT: The observation of the first high-energy neutrinos in the IceCube detector at the South Pole has signaled the beginning of neutrino astronomy. After four years of data taking, 53 neutrino events (plus one event whose energy and direction cannot be reconstructed) with energies between 20 TeV and 2 PeV have provided the first evidence for the existence of an extraterrestrial neutrino flux at more than 6 sigma. The discovery of this flux has motivated a large number of studies in the literature to unravel their origin, from different scenarios within standard cosmic-ray sources to more exotic possibilities. In this talk I will describe this data and in particular, I will discuss its compatibility with possible combinations of neutrino flavors and its implications.


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