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Spontaneous scalarization: asymmetron as dark matter

Sep. 03 - 14:30 - 2015

SPEAKER: Teruaki Suyama (University of Tokyo)

ABSTRACT: We propose a new scalar-tensor model which induces significant deviation from general relativity inside dense objects like neutron stars, while passing solar-system and terrestrial experiments, extending a model proposed by Damour and Esposito-Farese. Unlike their model, we employ a massive scalar field dubbed asymmetron so that it not only realizes proper cosmic evolution but also can account for the cold dark matter. In our model, asymmetron undergoes spontaneous scalarization inside dense objects, which results in reduction of the gravitational constant by a factor of order unity. This suggests that observational tests of constancy of the gravitational constant in high density phase are the effective ways to look into the asymmetron model.

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