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Gravitational fields with sources: From compact objects to black holes

Jul. 13/09:00 - Jul. 14/18:00 2015

Parallel session BH4 at the 14th Marcel Grossmann Meeting to be held at "Sapienza", University of Rome on July 13 - 14, 2015. The whole Marcel Grossmann Meeting, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Einstein equations, extends from July 12 to 18.


In its 100-year-long history general relativity has passed many stringent tests, and is now accepted as the standard theory of gravity and one of mankind's greatest achievements. Nevertheless, most experiments can only probe the weak-field regime, while the strong-curvature regime remains essentially unexplored. In this regime the structure and dynamics of compact objects and black holes can differ from general relativity with dramatic and potentially observable effects. This session will be devoted to recent theoretical developments on the physics of compact objects in Einstein's gravity and in modified theories of gravity.


Topics will include: compact objects as probes of fundamental physics, regular black holes, quasiblack holes, wormholes, tests of gravity with black holes and neutron stars, exact solutions, black holes with hair, and strong-gravity effects in neutron stars beyond general relativity.

This session is a continuation of the MGAT7 session "Gravitational fields with sources" at MG12 (Paris) and of the AT3 session "Gravitational fields with sources, regular black holes, quasiblack holes, and analog black holes" at MG13 (Stockholm).


This webpage will collect all relevant information on this session, as they will become available before and during the MG14, including instructions for the speakers, hours and location of the talks and guidelines to prepare the proceedings after the meeting. Please, do not hesitate to contact the chairmen for any information.

More info here.

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