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SUBARU weak-lensing survey of dark matter sub halos in COMA cluster (T. Futamase)

Jun. 06 - 14:30 - 2014

SPEAKER: Prof. Toshifumi Futamase (Tohoku University)


ABSTRACT: We present a 4 deg^2 weak lensing survey of Dark Matter subhalos in the very nearby Coma cluster using the Subaru/Suprime-Cam. We have measured the mass of 32 subhalos detected in a model independent manner, down to the order of 10^-3 of the virial mass of the cluster. Weak lensing mass measurement of these shear selected subhalos enable us to investigate subhalo properties and the correlation between subhalos masses and galaxy luminosities for the first time. The subhalo mass function is well described by a single power law and the best-fit power index is 1.09^+0.42_-0.32 which agrees with the prediction by CDM paradigm. We also discuss possible future observation of DM subhalos using new instrument in Subaru telescope. 

PLACE: Physics Dept. Meeting Room, 2th floor, IST

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