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Integrability and Inverse Scattering in Supergravity (A. Virmani)

May. 29 - 14:30 - 2014

SPEAKER: A. Virmani 
ABSTRACT:STU supergravity becomes an integrable system for solutions that
effectively only depend on two variables. This class of solutions
includes the Kerr solution and its charged generalizations that have
been studied in the literature. We present an inverse scattering
method that allows to systematically construct solutions of this
integrable system. The method is similar to the one of Belinski and
Zakharov for pure gravity but uses a different linear system due to
Breitenlohner and Maison and here requires some technical
modifications. We illustrate this method by constructing a four-charge
rotating solution from flat space. A generalization to other set-ups
is also discussed.
PLACE: Physics Dept. Meeting Room, 2th floor, IST

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