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The Universe After Planck 2013, Martin Bucher (Laboratoire APC, Univ. Paris 7)

May. 16 - 20:30 - 2013

Abstract: The European Space Agency PLANCK satellite was launched in 2009 in order to map the primordial cosmic microwave background anisotropy at approximately twice the spatial resolution and ten times the sensitivity of the previous NASA WMAP mission. I will review the impact of the Planck 2013 first cosmology results on our understanding of the very early universe, placing Planck in the context of previous results as well as indicating what new results could be expected in future Planck releases and other future space missions and

ground based experiments. I will also assess some of the anomalies that suggest that the standard cosmological model might not be the whole story.


Place: Physics Dept. Meeting Room, 2th floor, IST

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