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3-form Cosmology, Nelson Nunes (CAAUL)

Jun. 06 - 20:30 - 2013

Abstract: Three-forms can give rise to viable cosmological scenarios of inflation and dark energy with potentially observable signatures distinct from standard single scalar field models.


I will first present an intuitive picture of the background evolution of the minimally coupled three-form in terms of an effective potential and show that it can naturally generate a variety of isotropic background dynamics, including scaling, possibly transient acceleration and phantom crossing.


When applied to primordial inflation, a three-form can have a scale invariant scalar perturbations power spectrum and the consistency relation between the tensor and scalar amplitudes has a dependence on the speed of sound.  Finally, I will demonstrate that a single three-form can have large non-Gaussian signatures.




Place: Physics Dept. Meeting Room, 2th floor, IST


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