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The Next Step For Solar Dynamo Models, Dario Passos, CENTRA-IST

Nov. 23 - 20:30 - 2011

Abstract: In this talk I'll review the current panorama of solar dynamo models with an emphasis on flux transport dynamo theory.
Models based on this framework are very popular nowadays and have been used even for the prediction of upcoming solar cycles. Nevertheless, these models take into account the effect of solar meridional circulation only in the kinematic regime, i.e., the magnetic field does not affect the plasma velocity field. I'll present new evidence that the Lorentz force feedback of the magnetic fields into the meridional flow is important for the long term evolution of the solar cycle. The new results were obtained using the global large-eddy convection simulation of Ghizaru et al 2010. Motivated by the results obtained I'll show how a a simplified dynamo model can be used to study the long term dynamics caused by the Lorentz feedback and what this means for current kinematic flux transport dynamo models.

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