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The Nearby Supernova Factory - improving SNe Ia as dark energy probes

Dec. 10 - 20:30 - 2009

<pre><font face="courier new,courier">Speaker:</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">Rui Pereira (Institut de Physique Nucléaire de Lyon)</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier"> </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">Abstract: <br /></font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">During the 2004-2008 period the Nearby Supernova Factory discovered ~1000 supernovae, </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">and obtained detailed spectrophotometric time series of ~190 SNe Ia with the SuperNova </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">Integral Field Spectrograph. These supernovae are located in the nearby Hubble flow (0.03 < z < 0.08),</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">allowing relative distance measurements with minimal uncertainties from peculiar velocities and </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">bulk flows. Each supernova was spectrophotometrically observed over a period of ~50 days, with a median </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">number of 15 observations per target. The first spectrum is typically obtained at -4 days, and in some </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">instances as early as -14 days before maximum light. Each spectrum (3200A - 10000A) is photometrically </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">calibrated, with simultaneous observations of field stars used to correct for atmospheric extinction variability.</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier"><br /><br /> In this talk I will present the SNfactory project and dataset, as well as recent results impacting the use of </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">SNe Ia as dark energy probes, notably a new spectral indicator able to standardize SNe Ia with a better </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">accuracy than light curve width and colour. <br /></font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier"> </font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">Place:</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier">Sala de Vídeo-conferência, Centro de Congressos do IST, Pavilhão de Civil, Piso 01 (-1)<br /><br />IST, Campus da Alameda</font></pre><pre><font face="courier new,courier"> </font></pre>

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