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Interstellar extinction and its impact on Galactic Structure studies

Oct. 15 - 20:30 - 2009

Eduardo Brescansin de Amôres (SIM/IDL-FCUL)

Abstract: The ability to estimate interstellar extinction is essential for color corrections and distance calculations of all sorts of astronomical objects, and is fundamental for galactic structure studies. In this talk, I will review some basic aspects concerning interstellar extinction determination and distribution in our Galaxy with a critic view of the different models (2D and 3D), catalogs and maps available in the literature following its resolutions, applications, etc. Particularly, I will describe in the details the 3D Models for interstellar extinction proposed by Amôres & Lépine (2005).  A good estimate of interstellar extinction is also important for surveys preparations. I\'ll present  its  utilization in GAIA, HERSCHEL-PLANCK, DES (Dark Energy Survey) and VVV (Vista Via  Lactea Survey) surveys. On the other hand, I will present the importance and applications  of interstellar extinction in star counts model, as the Besançon Galaxy Model, among  others.

Place: Sala de Vídeo-conferência, Centro de Congressos do IST, Pavilhão de Civil, Piso 01 (-1)

IST, Campus da Alameda

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