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WIMP dark matter and stars

Oct. 01 - 20:30 - 2009

<p>Dr. Fabio Iocco</p><p>Research fellow "P2I"  at Institut de Physique Theorique du CEA/Saclay <br />& Institut d\'Astrophysique de Paris</p><p>Abstract: "I will start presenting an overview of the processes generated by the interaction between weakly interacting, self-annihilating dark matter and stars. In some local astrophysical environments (e.g. stars at the Galactic Center, compact objects) their effects can be disentagled by purely astrophysical ones and possibly used as probes for dark matter properties. In the early Universe, the effects of WIMP DM on the first stars could be dramatic, thus altering the astrophysical properties of those objects at different stages of their lives with different mechanisms. I will try to thouroughly comment on the state of the art of the field, and identify directions that are worth of future exploration." </p><p>Place: Sala de Video-conferência, Centro de Congressos do IST, Pavilhão de Civil, Piso 01 (-1) IST, Campus da Alameda, Avenida Rovisco Pais, 1, 1049-001 Lisboa</p>

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