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QCD relics from the early Universe (Dmitri Antonov, CFIF)

Oct. 13 - 20:30 - 2010

<p>Abstract: </p><p>The possibility is suggested of creation in the early Universe of stable domains of radius a few kilometers wide, formed by coherently excited states of $\\pi$-mesons. Such domains appear dark to an external observer, since the decay rate of the said coherent pionic states into photons is vanishingly small. The related thermal insulation of the domains from the outer world could have allowed them to survive till present days. The estimated maximum radius and the period of rotation of such objects turn out to be compatible with those of certain pulsars. </p><pre> </pre><pre>Time and Place:</pre><pre>13 October, 14:30</pre><pre>Meeting room, Physics Department, 2nd floor </pre><pre> </pre>

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