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Modi?ed cosmological equations and the Einstein Static Universe, by Luca Parisi, University of Salerno (Italy)

Oct. 07 - 20:30 - 2010

The Einstein static universe is an exact solution of Einstein’s equations belonging to the family of closed Friedmann-Robertson-Walker cosmological models sourced by a perfect fluid and a cosmological constant.<br /> <br /> The stability properties of the Einstein static solution of General Relativity are altered when corrective terms arising from modifications of the underlying gravitational theory appear in the cosmological equations. In this talk I will review the latest results on the Einstein Static solution in modified theories of gravity. Then, employing dynamical system techniques and numerical integrations, I will discuss the stability of <br /> static cosmological solutions in the framework of two recently proposed quantum gravity models, namely Loop Quantum Cosmology and Horava-Lifshitz gravity.<br />

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